Assignments (55%)

updated: 4/19/2011
As you can see we've made some changes to the assignments and their corresponding worth.
There are MANY assignments in this semester-long project which is 
worth 80% 75% of your grade.  Any research project usually culminates in a final paper and that's the case here.  Each step of this final paper has been sequenced so that you're building on the final paper at each step of this research project.  In short, by the time you're ready to write the final report, much of the paper should be nearly written.
There are 5 main sections in this research project; each section may also contain several steps (the steps are the numbered assignments).  Each assignment is listed below (you may click on the assignment to pull up directions for completing it).
  1. (10%) State the Problem / Question / Objective
  2. (10%) Literature Review
  3. (25% 35%) Quantitative Data Collection Method
  4. (25%) Qualitative Data Collection Method
  5. (10% 20%) Final Report
  6. Possible Extra Credit Assignments
    • (1%) Hug a Tree
    • (up to 3%) Wordpress blog