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Census Information

Below are some useful places to look for census data.

US Department of Commerce Bureau of Census:
  • from here choose American Fact Finder
    • American Fact Finder is the best "gateway" to information from the Decennial Census.  There are a variety of ways that you may retrieve information from this page.
Social Explorer:
  • This will allow you to make reports of census data on a variety of geographical divisions dating back to 1790.  This will also provide data on religious affiliation at the State and County level. The map function is powerful and easy to use.
New York City:
  • from there, use the "Jump to City Agency Website" drop down menu to choose City Planning. For information tied to a street address, use the "Find the Data" section on your left.  Type in the address and select Census Fact Finder.  Use Address Translator to find tract numbers and other information about the address.  Use the City Map function to find maps and a whole range of other things.
Use Reference under the "City Planning" section to District Profiles for Census and other statistical information about Community Planning Districts.