AS#7: Quantitative Survey Design (20%)

Rationale: The best way to apply what you've learned about Survey Design is to actually create a real survey that you'll be able to administer to your respondents.
Assessment: This assignment is broken down into several parts or steps totaling 15% of your grade-- see the breakdown below.  Since this is not an easy task, this assignment is spread over the course of a couple of weeks and several steps including 2 days in a computer lab and an in-class activity.

Step #1 - prep (3%) (this assignment is due the day before the first computer class for this assignment, 3/31)
    1. You will receive an individual grade for this step.
    2. You will each come up with 15 questions on your own for your class research project.
    3. Once you've come up with your 15 questions, create subpage under your name and place your questions there.
    4. Also copy and paste your questions into the page under Assignments -> Quantitative Method.  Don't worry if there are duplicate questions; the idea is that together, you'll be able to come up with a comprehensive survey for your project.
Step #2 - computer class (2%)
  1. There are dozens of options out there for creating an online survey-- many of you are probably familiar with services such as SurveyMonkey or Zoomerang.  There area also more powerful tools such as Kwik SurveyZoho Creator, and LimeService (hosted version of LimeSurvey) just to name a few.
  2. But since we're already using Google, we'll create our survey using Google Docs/Forms.  It's not as fancy or as powerful as some of the other tools, but it'll serve the purposes of this class.
  3. The computer class will go over how to create a survey and get you started on creating your online survey.
Step #3 - In-class discussion and at-home update to collaboratively create survey (5%)
    1. This is an in-class assignment to give you a chance to debate and refine your survey.
Step #4 - Finalize and test your online survey (10%) (computer class) (revised 4/20/2011)
    1. This computer class gives you a chance to finalize and test your survey.
    2. At home, edit your survey and get ready to deploy it.
Below are some sample surveys and codebooks to give you an idea of some questions.