Research Proposal Worksheet

Research Proposal Worksheet

Rationale: Use this worksheet to take notes on the class discussion about your semester-long project.  You will find this worksheet very helpful for completing Assignment 1.2

Assessment: While this assignment is not collected, you will find it invaluable for completing Assignment 1.2!

List the Research Topics proposed by all teams:








As each proposal is suggested, make notes as to why the team thought the project was interesting, worthy of study, etc.

Topic 1: ____________________________________________________________







Topic 2: ____________________________________________________________






Topic 3: ____________________________________________________________






Topic 4: ____________________________________________________________






Topic 5: ____________________________________________________________




Topic 6: ____________________________________________________________






Topic 7: ____________________________________________________________





After selecting a topic, answer the following questions:

I.       What do you want to know? (substantive problem or issue)

·        What larger issues or concerns first drew you to this problem?  Start with a question (originating question / specifying question)








II.     Why do you want to know it?

·        Why should anyone care what you find?

·        Why is this question important?

·        What difference does it make, theoretically or practically?










III.  What do you think the answer is?