AS#4: In-class Activity Conceptualize Proposal (2%)

Rationale: This is an in-class/group activity designed to help you further refine your research proposal. 
Assessment: Your grade on this assignment is based on your participation. 

Total Time: 1hr 15 mins


(45 mins) 
  • You will break up into several groups.  Discuss your how to conceptualize, operationalize, and measure the concepts and constructs of your research proposal.  Take notes on your discussion.  One person should be elected note taker.  Now elect one person to present your ideas to the rest of the class and one person to type in your ideas into a shared page on your class website.
(30 mins)   
  • Share your ideas with the rest of the class.
You'll notice that as each group adds their ideas, the idea of what you want to find out and what you want to do becomes increasingly clear.