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0.11 drop off syllabus to be copied   
0.1 confirm computer classroom   
1.2 Preliminary Research Proposal   
1.3 Activity - revise proposal   
1.4 revision of proposal   
2.2 Annotated bibliography   
2.3 group bibliography   
3.1 design a survey 2 classes -- have students brainstorm and then come up with a Google Doc Form for collecting responsens...  
4.1 design qualitative questionaire have them think about what they would have liked to ask more about when they were conducting quant. survey  
4.2 collecting data and FN   
4.3 qualitative data analysis this is really about looking at their FN and having them summarise their information....what do their interviews actually mean?  
add bibliography guides   
add extra credit assignment blog-- if they make 6 posts throughout the semester...they'll get 3% pts extra (each post is worth 0.5%)  
add sample student papers   
add writing mistakes...   
add writing resources   
create final survey for assessing the classes....   
finalize course description   
finalize syllabus   
open Bb   
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