Technology Class

For this class, we're using several Google and Hunter College technologies including the following:
  1. Google Groups
    • We'll start by getting you registered for your Google Group (aka as your discussion forum).  To do this,  you must either have or register for a Google Account
    • After you have access to Google Groups, we'll go over how to post to the discussion forum
  2. Google Sites
    • Access to Google Groups should automatically allow you access to your private class website in Google Sites
    • We'll go over the following aspects of Google Sites:
      • the print function
      • our calendar (including how to subscribe to the calendar's RSS feed)
      • Q&A
      • creating pages
      • editing pages
      • uploading an image
      • inserting a gadget
  3. Google Docs for surveys
    • sharing a Google Doc
    • embedding a survey into Google Sites
    • collecting data
  4. blog
    • register for a Wordpress account
    • posting to Wordpress via email including Categories and Tags
  5. Bb (for your grades and final exam)